Video installation of the series “Endangered Waters”

Flooding is a video installation with two synchronized projections and audio. The work was created for the Ars Electronica 2007 in Linz.

The installation is based on the waterfall Toefrafoss, and a surrounding oases of lush vegetation which at the time of the exhibition was disappearing under the rising waters of an enormous reservoir that has been created by building a colossal dam in the highlands of Iceland. The dam was made for a hydro electrical power plant, built to power an aluminum smelter.

In this work Rúrí documents using video and audio, and presents in an installation how industrial interests are bringing about the flooding of an unique highland ecosystem in her country and causing its unalterable destruction. Even though the artist focuses the camera on waterfalls in her own country, Iceland, the Endangered Waters works are simultaneously local and global in concept.  (Serafine Lindemann)

The work is made with the cooperation of Kvik Film Productions and cameraman Fridthjofur Helgason.

photo: Mila Pavan