Terra Vivax

2005. Location; Creator Vesevo, in the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius, Italy. Material; Vesuvian basalt. Measurements; 144 x 350 x 350 cm.

Contradicting elements, such as creation versus destruction, or the latent power of the volcano while asleep versus the tremendous power that the earth expresses through an eruption, these bring to the surface how precarious is the existence of the human being. The word – precarious – may even illustrate the existence of the Earth in the Universe.
The volcano, – the possibility of an eruption. The relevance between geological-time and human-time concepts. Everything that exists does so in a wonderful balance between stability and tension.

The work is made of basalt, that has once flown as lava from the volcano Vesuvius. The sphere rests in balance, but in spite of its massive weight (nine tons) it is easily disturbed. A single person, can send it gently rocking. On the stone under the sphere are engraved the names of all the volcanoes of the earth that have erupted in historic time.