Dedication is a performance and installation.

The work is a dedication to the memory of the girls and women that were sentenced to death for becoming pregnant outside wedlock, in the seventeenth and eighteenth century, and were executed by drowning in the pool.

The work was performed at Drekkingarhylur, the Drowning Pool, at Thingvellir in Iceland on September 5th. 2006, in connection with the exhibition Mega Vott.
Performing: Ruri, Anna Eyjolfsdottir, Ragnhildur Stefansdottir, Thordis Alda Sigurdardottir, Hye Joung Park, Karl Gunnarsson, Karl Bergmann Omarsson, Einar Saemundsen, Fridrik Orn Hjaltested, Fridthjofur Helgason, Pall Steingrimsson, Ragnar Axelsson.
Duration of  performance 90 minutes.

Photographs: Fridrik Orn Hjaltested