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Water Vocal – Endangered III

Stór fjöltækni innsetning sýnd í Nordiska Akvarell Museet í Svíþjóð

Íslenskur texti væntanlegur:

The artwork  is a multimedia installation with multiple video projections on large transparent screens, and interactive audio.

The work centres around four waterfalls Dettifoss, Selfoss, Töfrafoss and Urriðafoss. All have been at the focal point of plans for profitable damming opportunities, that have in recent years and months been introduced (to the public) by the power authorities in Iceland. One of these waterfalls, Töfrafoss, recently disappeared under the rising waters of an enormous reservoir.

Water Vocal – Endangered III was completed in 2015.  It is composed of six video channels projected on layered screens and multi-channeled audio that is interactive. The spatial environment is reminiscent of an enclosure of high rocks, but simultaneously there is a hint of a labyrinth.  The dimensions  of the installation are roughly  12 by 12 metres and 4,8metres in height.

The venue is the exhibition ‘Primary Force – Iceland in colour and water’  at the Nordic Watercolour Museum, that is located in the Swedish Arcipelago at Skärhamn, north of Gothenburg

top and two images below; installation view the Nordic Watercolour Museum, photo: Kalle Sanner

four images below; stills from videos


Ruri_Kalle Sanner_M3A1926Ruri_Kalle Sanner_M3A1917Water Vocal-still-3Water Vocal-still 1Water Vocal-still-2Water Vocal-still-5