An immersive installation consisting of suspended daggar shaped glass fragments, each one razor sharp.

The installation was made in 1984, it consists of 500 pieces of glass that are suspended from the ceiling, each one has razor sharp edges.
A narrow V-formed pathway, snakes through the installation. Although not obviously so the passage is free of suspended glass-fragmens.  When entering the passage one can not detect whether the pathway continues or comes to an end in the center of the installation, so it appears that one might need to back out the same way one entered. It is not until one reaches a bend of the pathway that the second entrance/exit becomes visible.

Individual glass pieces vary in length from 50 to 150 cm.
The passage is approximately 70 cm wide.
Measurements of installation; 700 x 600 x 400 cm.

Exhibition venues: Rúrí, The Reykjavik Art Museum – Kjarvalsstadir 1984 / Rúrí – Glerregn, The National Gallery of Iceland 2001 /   RETHINK Kakotopia / RETHINK – Contemporary Art & Climate Change, 2009, which was a part of the official cultural programme in connection with the UN Global Climate Summit, COP 15, which took place in Copenhagen from December 7 to 18 2009.

An interview from Rethink Kakotopia/RETHINK Contemporary Art & Climate Change Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary.