Water Story and Vocal V

Water Story Vocal V is a combination of a multi media performance, video installation and audio.
The video work Water Story is based on the performance.

The work is made in cooperation with composer Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson, and was performed by Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson; keyboard, Hilmar Orn Agnarsson; church organ, Gerd Kötter; second organ and keyboard, Ruri; vocal, guest artist Markus Zahnhausen; block flute. The video which is projected onto translucent textiles stretching across the nave of the church shows waterfalls and high voltage electronic installations and cables. An important part of the work is that the musicians improvise on the instruments within the frame defined by the composer and the artist.

Duration 40 min. The video is made in cooperation with Fridthjofur Helgason and Páll Steingrímsson; filming, and O. Ragnar Halldorsson; editing exhibition venue: Rúrí – Water Story Vocal V, and Changing Waters installation location: Water Story Vocal – V and Changing Waters by Rúrí, St. Lukaskirche Munich, curator Serafine Lindemann/ artcircolo www.overtures.de, photo: Uta Kellermann, AVISIO picture & concept